The Voices of Stuart is a community forum for the discussion of topics and opinions among interested people.  It is a tool to help foster a better undertanding of events that color our lives, politics and community.

As always what I write is my opinion only.  When I ask “What do you think?” about something it is because I would really like to hear your opinions.  No matter what some might think opinions and perceptions are powerful things.  They shape the outlook we use everyday in everything we think, see and hear.  They can be changed, but never easily, and never without some type of feedback and reflection. 

The Voices of Stuart is here for that reason.  Enjoy.

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  1. Jeff said,

    Peggy, I am employed at John deere Des Mones Works. I live in the Stuart area. Imagine my shock when I saw ex officer Mike Brehmer wandering the shop floor of a world wide company!!! I stopped him and asked what he was doing. He then proceeded to tell me that he was (I hope you’re sitting for this) head of SECURITY!! How ironic is that!? An ex police officer, some one who shit all over the laws of Stuart and Iowa, now heading Security of a major company!! Is there someone at the Des Moines Register who can investigate this farce?

  2. thevoicesofstuart said,

    jeff – the man has to work somewhere. after his conviciton he was de-certified and can no longer work as a police officer in the state of iowa. security jobs are the usual course many take either after retirement or other reasons that they can no longer work as police officers. i doubt that an investigative reporter would be interested unless they were doing a related subject series but you could call and make your case. they will tell you if they are interested or not. another option is to have a conversation with your human resources manager. if they were unaware of his recent history and hired him it is one thing. if they were aware and hired him anyway that is another.

  3. anonymous said,

    please read the good egg gazette artical regarding the school that posted in the dallas county paper. what do you make of it?

  4. thevoicesofstuart said,

    11:59 pm – i don’t know what to make of it. i do not pay much attention to what is going on with the school. seems pretty sad that there is a principal under investigation for whatever reason, people are naturally going to talk about it, but since they work for him he uses his position to try and quash the talk then the school starts trying to cover everything up.

    just seems to me like there are not to many adults around anymore.

    maybe they should all be sent to detention until they can learn to play nice with the other children.

  5. anonymous said,

    I was wondering where we got David Arnold from? Do you know anything about him? Something more is going on there that doesn’t meet the eye. I wonder where he came from?

  6. thevoicesofstuart said,

    8:29 am – i have no idea.

  7. anonymous said,

    try searching on line. i herd pennsylvania. i also caught a tale end talk that he was in trouble before there.

  8. anonymous said,

    Peg I know this has nothing to do with Stuart but I would like your opinion. Do you think a business like an old fashion soda fountain shop would do well in Menlo? My step-mom owned one for years and it did great. I use to love to go to the Fountain and have an old fashioned pop and snack. I am kickin around the idea.

  9. thevoicesofstuart said,

    9:11 pm – i like the idea of an old fashioned soda shop. whether or not menlo can provide the traffic needed to make it profitable is a big question you should look into. are you thinking year round or just summertime? the diner would be some strong competition since they have ice cream and desserts daily. the other thing to seriously consider is the loss of the elementary school next year. that will definitely cut the traffic through town. are you locked into menlo for you business? there are many different things to check out before you spend any money. please do not romanticize the idea and ignore the business realities.

  10. anonymous said,

    You know I hadn’t even thought about the school until you metioned it. You are exactly right. Well I have been checking into things and applying for small business grants. So hopefully things will work out the way they are suppose to. I just thought with some of the old buildings setting empty up town it would be a good idea to make them use full again. Give our kids a place to go after school and have a hang out and a soda the way we use to have them. I am thinking of year round. It wouldn’t be like the cafe. i wouldn’t serve meals. My step-mom has actually been helping me through the process of things and what to have and what not to have. In the mornings she would have coffee and cinnamon rolls for the coffee drinkers. There’s days the menlo cafe isn’t even open. Then for lunch she did nothing but two different soups, subs, chips, dill pickle thats about it. Sometimes she might of had steamed burgers things along that nature but no kitchen. Her soups were done on this special hot plate so there was no kitchen. Then the ice cream counter with several differents flavors, malts, splits, etc. and the seltzer water and pop syrup. In the other half of the store was just a little odds and ends section, party favors,b-day cards,little medicine section, she had one aisle that had basic food items. So I have been lucky in that way, she ran a very successful business in Montezuma which is still there today, she sold it a few years ago but they left the store the same.Just alot of things to start on. The old city clerk building, who owns it? Is it the city? That building or the building next to it on the corner is what I need to find out. We are a small town with little to no traffic but I think everyone enjoys an old fashion soda every once in a while and with an off ramp right off the interstate a sign would probably direct some traffic. Just something I am considering but have to consider if there would be more positives than negatives by doing it.

    I may come to the conclusion it would have to be Stuart. I have nothing against Stuart just want to give my town a business. Thanks for your insight to my questions.

  11. thevoicesofstuart said,

    7:09 am – good luck! you know with the cyclone closed now there may be some opportunity there that bears exploring. nothing says it has to be reincarnated in its old image.

  12. anonymous said,

    i think a soda shop downtown would be an excellent place for kids to go and have a safe place to hang out, the ccyclone had seen it’s better day way before they had the decency to close their doors., Talk about filthy condions and so many safety hazards. fire etc. from what i hear, the new business that is planning to open there will have their hands with the inspectors.

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