September 22, 2009

Agenda, Special Meeting (Updated)

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Here is the agenda for the Wednesday night city council special meeting.

Agenda, City Council Special Meeting


Update – The Mayor and Mr. Belden were not in attendance for the meeting.  A counter offer was received from Septagon for the 800 sq. ft. addition at a cost of $197.2 k which includes engineering and architect fees.  The council made and passed a motion to accept the counter offer with Mr. O’Keeffe voting no.  This leaves about $80 k available in the building contingency fund.


Mayor And Council Candidates

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By Peggy Schlichter

For the office of Mayor these are the three candidates:

Dick Cook

Kevin Pieper

Peggy Schlichter

There are five candidates for four council seats.  They are:

Bryan Belden

Wade Chafa

Neal Crawford

Matt Funk

Dorothy Karradi

September 16, 2009

September City Council Meeting

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By Peggy Schlichter

The council logged another long meeting last night going past 10pm.  I had to leave a few minutes before 10 to keep a previous obligation to sit kids overnight so I did not hear the old/new business discussed.

Two topics lasted over an hour each.  One will be covered under a separate post that I probably will not get to til tomorrow evening.  The rest I will try to cover in this post.

North 2nd Street Storm Sewer Project – Drake Construction was awarded the storm sewer improvement project.  If you remember from previous posts this increases the size of the storm sewer line and outflow down 2nd Street to the other side of N. Harlan to alleviate the property flooding that occurs due to the undersized lines.

City Hall. Library, Police Building – This is one of the topics that ran long.  The payments and change orders 2 and 3 and furnishings were approved.  The payment for the electrical work was tabled based on the bill from the City Utilities being questioned for accuracy.  The bill stated 475 hours of labor to remove a pole and bury the primary.  Mr. Ashour is to get with the Utilities and get it figured out.

The major part of the discussion centered on change order #4  which was the estimate of $238 k for a one story addition of 800 sq. ft. to the new building.  Most of the discussion questioned the cost vs the benefit of the additional footage.  Based on the estimate the addition is substantially higher per sq. ft. than what is being paid for the rest of the building.  The council questioned why and was basically told by the city architect that is normal once construction starts and equipment/ personnel have to be brought back to do the additional work.  The remainder of the discussion centered on the amount of money in the contingency fund that this change would be paid from.  What other items still had to be paid from that fund and how much would be left.   Primarily that if they went forward with the addition it would use up almost all of the contingency fund.  The council agreed that it was more than they wanted to pay but decided that they would make a counter offer to the contractor.  The council then made and passed a motion to counter offer not to exceed $160 k for the 800 sq. ft.  addition with a “take it or leave it” clause.

Sewer Project – October 12th at the next regular council meeting was set for the public hearing on the SRF loan for the new waste water treatment facility.  The remainder of the discussion was about the cost estimate provided by the Utilities to run the necessary power to the new plant.  The first estimate was for $36k to run overhead lines and the second was for $50k to run the underground line.  Mr. Aldrich pointed out that the utility policy is for all new construction to have underground lines run.  The council asked if they had to use the city utility to run the lines and was informed that they did not.  With the council already leery about the utility bill for the electric for the new city building they decided to have Mr. Aldrich get a quote from the contractor to run the line to see if they had a better price.

Aquatic Center Project – The change order for the project was not passed.  The original contract was for a kiddy slide and the change order was for a family slide so parents could slide with their younger children.  Mr. Aldrich found out just before the meeting that the manufacturer of the slide has a height limit on the slide of 48 inches which would preclude adults using the slide.  Just having a wider slide that did not afford parents the ability to slide with the younger children was not enough to add $4o k to the project.

Midwest Partnership Annual Contribution – The council made and passed a motion to make the annual contribution.

City Code Amendments – The council made and passed seven amendments to the city code to bring them in line with Iowa Code.  No specifics were announced.  The effected codes were:  municipal infractions, parking violations, hazardous waste cleanup, public morals, abandoned vehicles, property disposal and off road vehicles.  Second and third readings were moved and passed and the changes are in effect.

Athletic Sports Complex Board –  Mr. Bump provided a draft 28E agreement to the council for review to reestablish the old support and improvement agreement between the school and the city for the maintenance of the sports complex.  He further informed them that the school was only interested in a short term agreement since they plan to have the necessary fields at the new high school in a couple of years.  The council is to review the draft and provide input to Mr. Bump.

Economic Development Grant for Dwyer Auto Body – The council passed the resolution.


The police discussion will be under a separate post.

September 11, 2009

Agenda, September City Council Meeting

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Here is the agenda for the Monday night City Council Meeting.

Agenda, Spetember City Council Meeting

September 3, 2009

Agenda, Special Meeting, City Council

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Here is the agenda for the Friday night special meeting.

Agenda, Special Meeting


I do not plan to attend this meeting.  I have a terrible cold that I do not want to spread around.