November 7, 2009

New Park Equipment Going Up (Updated)

Posted in City News at 9:36 pm by thevoicesofstuart

By Peggy Schlichter

Volunteers and city employees gathered today to install new play ground equipment in the park and at the soccer field.  Installation will be completed early next week.  These are from the park.  When I go out tomorrow I will get a couple of pictures from the soccer field.


2 park

Soccer Field





  1. AW said,

    Kudos to the volunteers who worked to put up the equipment. Neil Crawford spearheaded the project, I believe. What a great addition to the parks for our kids.

  2. Anonymous said,


  3. Anonymous said,

    peg –

    who all volunteered to help with this?

  4. thevoicesofstuart said,

    2:29 pm – i did not know everyone there. we just pitched in and went to work. the names i know are neal crawford, dick cook, bryan belden, matt funk, jim henderson, bob airhart, myself. anyone else who was there who can add more names please do.

  5. Anonymous said,

    Did we really need this stuff?

    • parks said,

      to 12:21 p.m. — whenever I travel to other towns, my opinion of that town is partially based on how nice their parks and playground equipment are. modern play equipment=favorable opinion. so i would say, yes, we “did really need this stuff.”

  6. Anonymous said,

    Wade Chafa and the Surbers also helped. Not sure of others.

  7. Anonymous said,

    Peg when will Dick take over as the Mayor? Thanks

  8. thevoicesofstuart said,

    7:05 pm – all elected/re-elected officials are sworn in january before the start of that months council meeting.

  9. Anonymous said,

    Of course we needed the playground equipment. It is a great addition.

  10. Anonymous said,

    peg, do you have the notes from the last council meeting?

  11. thevoicesofstuart said,

    6:57 pm – i did not attend the last meeting.

  12. anonym said,

    The new playground equipment is nice, but we really need to have some new ground cover around the swings and monkey bars. Have a kid get hurt there and the city CAN be sued. Also is the park trying to eliminate people eating in the park? It used to be really nice to pull up on the south side and sit at a picnic table and eat then watch the kids play. I’m all for a certain amount of progress, but this is ridiculous. Give us back our tables. There are also some rare nut trees where the kids can pick them up and learn a little.

  13. Anonymous said,

    I drove by the park and saw bunches of picnic tables under the shettle for winter? Do you think they are trying to preserve them during winter. Would you call that progress or ridiculous also. I think they make all weather picnic tables and you could buy one and donate it to the park…..just a thought.

  14. Anonymous said,

    I am not sure if they are still doing the farmers market, but they have to use the shelter for the farmers market and the picnic tables may have been moved to the shelter because of that.

  15. Anonymous said,

    Peg –

    What happened @ the last council meeting?

  16. thevoicesofstuart said,

    10:00 pm – i did not attend the last meeting.

  17. anonym said,

    Here is the deal. The shelter is used on Wednesday for 2 hours for Farmers Market. There are approximately 8-10 tables squeezed in there for that purpose. Hardly enough room for the customers to roam. All the other tables were moved away from the south side and never put back. This is what I look at also in other towns. A park that has easy access from the parking area to a picnic table. If the shelter is in use by another family, the other tables need to be situated around the park in an accessible position ( like they were). I have been to many parks, and some I don’t like, some I do. Has anyone ever been over to the big park in Audubon? I have never seen a picnic area so wonderful anywhere else. It is an enclosed area that can accomodate our town or more than one family can use it and not bother each other. Our park is ok, but winter has been a long time coming and the tables have been stacked a long time. They still won’t be safe from the elements when the snow begins to blow.

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