November 4, 2009

Election Results

Posted in City News at 5:17 am by thevoicesofstuart

By Peggy Schlichter

Congratulations to the winners.

Mayor – Dick Cook

Council Members – Bryan Belden, Neal Crawford, Matt Funk and Wade Chafa.



  1. Cori Gentry said,

    Congratulations to everyone for a great election. We Wish you all the best in your endevors.
    Crozier/Funk Family

  2. curious said,

    This elections was a farce as far as I am concerned.

    Sorry Peggy for your loss, but keep up the good work at the Council Meetings, I really enjoy reading your thoughts.

    If Dick Cook is smart he will use your advise, on a few things that need to happen in this town.

    Wonder how long he will be Mayor?

  3. Anonymous said,

    sorry about your loss Peg I was one of the one’s that did vote for you,but I guess we are stuck with the same people Crawford and Belden ):

  4. 45 year Stuart resident said,

    Cry all you want. The few that did vote spoke loud and clear on their choices. If you didn’t like the outcome, maybe you should have volunteered some of your time and put your hat in the ring for council or mayor !! I don’t think Dick needs any advice, he is a grown man able to make decisions for himself and the good of the community. I wish him and the council the best of luck with the many tasks and challenges ahead.

  5. Anonymous said,

    We should not say who was right or who was wrong but hope the when all is said and done Stuart is a better town

  6. someone who cares about Stuart said,

    Lets not fight on who won or who lose but how to make Stuart a better town.And if you did not vote or put your name on a ballot you should not even complaim

  7. Anonymous said,

    With the outcome of the votes, I would say the people who care to vote in this town, like to see the updates being done finally (town hall, city hall). They are tired of council members not adressing these issues and we end up with old run down buildings that stink of musty smells.
    If past council members would have taken care of buildings as needed, we would not need to do it all at once like we are.

  8. Carol Rayburn said,

    I would first like to take the opportunity to say, “Hey”, to all those living in Stuart who are very diligent about keeping me informed of the towns progress since I have left the community. Not really following the elections, I was a little surprised to hear that Dick Cook and Peggy were both running for Mayor and Cheryl was not. I must say I was also a little dissapointed in the turn-out of voters. I do agree with a couple of the earlier posts; you do not have the right to complain if you are not willing to put forth the effort it takes to get involved, or at the very least, the five minutes it takes to vote.

    That being said, I would like to say “thank you”, to Peggy for staying involved and making a run for the office, I believe she would have made a good Mayor, putting the community first with all decisions. Please keep up the good work on your blog and continued scrutiny of your local government, your common sense voice at the council meetings is much appreciated by the community.

    I would also like to take the time to congratulate Dick Cook as the new Mayor of Stuart. I know that Dick will always have an open ear for the members of the community and will do everything he can to do that he thinks is right in his heart. The best of luck to all!

  9. someone who could care less said,

    We have voted, and now we will see who works for the citizens of Stuart, who spends our money on foolish things, and how much real progress is made. First I would like to suggest is give our businesses a break. We used to have Christmas drawings during the day on Saturdays so that people might be enticed to shop here while they are in town for the drawing and kids to see Santa Claus. The park thing is a joke.

  10. Anonymous said,

    4:24 pm
    It sounds like you are someone who should be involved in the planning of these things. You should get involved and voice your opinion.

    I really thought the Sat. night worked well as most people that work, have Sat. nights off and there are usually not school activities then.

  11. Anonymous said,

    Thank you Julie Shephard and Jeff Schwartzkopf for doing the Christmas lights. Negative people are bitter and hateful, you can’t fix that. However, I get to appreciate the lights with my family, so so thank you to both.

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